Project Description:

The proposed project is a Country Club Raceway Estates that includes a 2.5 mile, 50 foot wide road racing course with multiple road course configurations built to sanctioning body standards.  The facility will be designed to be capable of hosting premier sanctioned events such as IRL, AMA, Australian Touring cars, Trans-Am, and amateur SCCA, NASA, VARA, and other events. Course design is also planned to include sanctioning capabilities for AMA, FIM, and other motorcycle racing organizations, both professional and amateur.

Central to KCRE is the motorsports complex. Gently sloping terrain and low rolling hills provide for a challenging road course design.

Integral to the racecourse plan is the driving school and race shop. This facility will build and maintain a small fleet of professionally prepared cars to be used for driving instruction, as well as for race and track day rentals. Many enthusiasts, especially beginning racers, prefer to rent cars to reduce their race expenses. Car rental rates will include trackside support. These school cars will be designed to operate on alternative fuels, minimizing their impact on our environment and keeping with the “green” goals of our facility. The shop will also have the capabilities to construct and service cars for private individuals.

In addition, the facility is expected to include autocross, off-road, karting, and motocross venues.

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