Kona Coast Raceway Estates was conceived from the beginning as an environmentally friendly project, focusing on the use of renewable resources. Zoning for the area is agricultural, which will ensure the preservation of greenspace, and limit the number of structures. The CC&Rs of the subdivision will require environmentally friendly construction techniques, and encourage energy efficiency while minimizing impact on the existing landscape.           

The managing partners of Kona Coast Raceway Estates, LLC have researched the feasibility of powering the racing complex utilizing renewable energy technology. We hav placed strong focus on the use of biomass conversion in our business model. With NELHA (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority) in close proximity along the Kona coast, state of the art solar energy generation has been developed that could be utilized to provide additional power not only to the racing complex, but to the entire subdivision. It is conceivable that the subdivision would have private ownership of a dedicated renewable energy utilities, with a projected payback on the initial investment of as little as 4 years.

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